Saturday, October 9, 2010


mimi & asma

juz want 2 greet nurul syamimi
seems that we haven't meet 4 a long time
yeah, i have 2 admit 
my life is incomplete without u
u are my roomate, classmate n my partner 4 each assignment

*MIMI; hahaha..bakpe aku cm jiwang smacam je ieh..sabar je la erk 
daa~ (O_o)

A SONG 2 SING OR A SONG 2 FEEL??? its up 2 you,guys=)

"Kita ingin segala yang indah
semurni pantai yang putih bersih
indahnya bagai tersusun madah
bersemi ukhuwah di lubuk kasih"

[hurm..dedicate this song specially to all of my frenz..nice knowing you]

haa..sbananye 2 lagu nasyid..
saje mengopy bub mang idea kering

bile sorg2 ney
mule ar....
tingat sume membe2, especially mbe kolah ar bub lame x jmpe

rndu korang seyh!
rndu jnayah2 yg kte bt dlu...;)
even phit tp ble da kuar bnde uh cm klaka
but "life must go on" even kte sume x lg sesame
ayt sape pulak aku copy ney..

Daa (O_o)

* nurul syamimi, i'm waiting 4 you..hahaha

renung2kn & slamat bramal (~_~)

Friday, October 8, 2010


Today’s message is to the students, whether in school, college or university. You are in a tough situation, but thank Allah that you have parents who can buy you the things you need for school. Everything is given to you so you can learn and graduate and get a job and teach your children the way you were taught. Renew your intentions that you are studying for the sake of Allah. Allah says time and time again how important knowledge is in Islam. So concentrate seriously to succeed. Even when you come out of your house you should have the intention that you are going to gain knowledge. So that if you die before reaching school, you have died for the sake of Allah. There are hadiths that say when you go to school with the intention to learn for the sake of Allah, Allah will make the path easy for you and the angels will be with you.

Don’t listen to those who want you to fail. Look at them during the exams, they will either be cheating or staring at the page. Don’t be like those who go to school everyday but don’t learn anything. Even when cheating, a person is writing blindly without understanding anything. They haven’t gained a thing! The Prophet(peace and blessings be upon him) said, whoever has cheated is not from us. Imagine that! Work hard! Don’t just study for the sake of it; I want you to be from the top students!

Respect your teachers. It is seen as “cool” to be rude to your teachers. But the Prophet(peace and blessings be upon him) said those who disrespect those who teach us are not from us. We have to respect those who are passing knowledge onto us. They are giving you knowledge, so you have to respect them, not be rude to them , or make them go crazy. Imagine if you became a teacher after that? Would you like to someone to do that to you? Respect people so they can respect you.

You have to respect your school. Don’t vandalise it, why do you not keep the school in good condition for those who will come after you? Imagine if someone came to your house and started writing things on your table, would you like that? So don’t do the same at school. The Prophet(peace and blessings be upon him) said, don’t damage things or harm people.

Go to school early. If you are late as a student, when you get a job what will you do? You have to respect appointments. Prepare your things the night before. Be organised. Don’t throw everything on your mother. When you come home from school, put your bag in your study area. Be organised, so that you can find everything. When you take off your clothes, hang your clothes in the wardrobe. Don’t leave everything to your mother. Be organised so that you can be an organised person. Organisation means you won’t waste your time looking for things.

Don’t rely on your private tutor. Concentrate with your teacher at school. Don’t be quick to say to your father that you want a private tutor because you don’t concentrate at school. If you depended on yourself and concentrated at school, you won’t need to spend unnecessary money on a private tutor! Then you will get used to being lazy, because you need someone to teach you.

Try to be presentable. Brush your hair, brush your teeth, cut your nails. Keep your clothes neat and clean. The Prophet(peace and blessings be upon him) said, Allah loves beauty.

Make sure your speech is respectable. When you wake up, greet your mother nicely, kiss her hand. Then go to your father and greet him. You should have an Islamic personality. Help with the house chores, so you can be a positive person at home, even if you have a maid! So you can help your mother and be an active person at home.

Try to be an active student. Join groups at university or school. Join the Muslim association, poetry club or the sports club. Have interests and hobbies and develop them. Don’t be inactive, as this is not from Islam at all! Create awareness about current affairs in the school newspaper or magazine.

Choose your friends carefully. You will be going to their houses when you want to study together and they will be coming to your house. So if they have good manners, they will respect your house and the people in it, they will be decent because they have good manners, and so will you. So look at your friends and be careful that they are not of the wrong type. A good friend will want you to succeed and not do anything that will harm you. He won’t encourage you to smoke or drink or go out with girls. Give these guys advice to help them to do good and guide them to be better people. Allah will make you a person that will enlighten others if you have the right intention.

May Allah help our dear students and protect them from evil, ameen.

Wagdi Ghoneim

Thursday, October 7, 2010


yezz! assignment social studies da ntar,,x pyh ar memikir + menyerabutkan otak + menensionkn kple ney lg,,huhuhuhu,,hari yg tnang,,cam relax,,tader mnde yg srabut2 pun,,ok lar,,haa,,actually tgh tggu mimi jd follower cheq,,hehehe,,mimi,cpt arh! x sbar da neh,,hahaha