Monday, March 26, 2012

Cups of LOVE

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

hye peeps.its been a while and you know how much i missed updating my blog? its just kind of feeling missing something.anyway, i still keep updating others' prints and i enjoyed it so much. so, keep it up guys!!

too much things i've done during these my MIA days. and i'll just make it simple and fast babesss.

Le Tour de Langkawi

3 days and 2 nights package seems not enough, and i want more, and i should bring my parents next time and maybe treat em with my own money. ;p ok, asma. next time next time. we had a bowl of happiness which the ingredients are Kilim Geopark, Cable Car, Mahsuri Village n shopping chocolatteee.

B.I.G [Bina Insan Guru]

awok awok eyyyyy. not that BIG okayyy. but this one is bina insan guru and to be clear its a camp for pre teachers. we're goin to be a teacher so, we need all that stuff of improvements. hows the camp?? ermmmm. to be honest, its tiresome. anyway, we enjoyed it. water confident, jungle trekking, cooking thing, the leeches and playing in the water. wanna do it one more time! the unforgettable part is praying on sands besides the cold, clear and sparkling river. it is soo sooo damn refreshing guys. you should try it. serioussly!

SBE [School Based Experience]

this is my first SBE in my life and so i've chose to do it with zetty. where?? PENANG!! act, i have a lot of fun there and it was my first time went to Queensbay Mall. it boost my energy to the full limit. i love it!

Lesen Oh Lesen

i've got my license and its awesommmmeeeee! hehe. alhamdulillah. i did it. ok asma, drive well, tolerate well and speed up! JK. i hope that its goin to be easy for me later, cuz i need to rush here and there when i was at home. so, no more bus after this! hehe.

and this is the end of my entry ;p
tata titi tutu.

Lots Of Love From Me ^_~
hurm?? agak...

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