Tuesday, September 10, 2013


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

hi peeps.
dah lama nampak senario ni :
*people posted to swap their dresses, blouses etc
*people who want to let go their dresses and grab a new ones
*people who wait to grab new collection

and i can see all this in ThePoplook's group.
i'm not that very tegar fans of ThePoplook
but i hv bought this "Kerria" for Hari raya Puasa months ago.

but then, i only wear it once.ppffftt.
what a waste. beli mahal-mahal pakai sekali je kau?
yelah, x tau nak pakai bila
it's not like i have events everyday right.

eh, x nampak sangat kan design kerria dalam gambar atas tu?
so, maybe this one is clearer

haaa, cantik pulak dia ni pakai.
beza nye lah hai dengan gambo aku tu.

i like this "kerria"
it's comfy
suits muslimah
and of course bcoz it has laces on it.hewhew.

ok, guys.
grab ThePoplooks!
first come first serve.

hurm?? agak...

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