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when exam is around the corner

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

*this one is a copy from tumblr.may his/her sharing enlightens point from Allah to him/her. :)

Wa’alaikumussalam warahmatullah there! I hope you’re doing fine :D
There are few stages of preparation for exams. I think I’m going to share with you some tips I practice when the exams are so around the corner, okay?
(Btw, we as Muslims need to correct our intention. I think it’s best to do your best in exams for the sake of Allah’s blessings as He loves those who do things efficiently & at their best. It’ll make you feel good if you do something to please Allah swt, rather than to simply get good marks & receive praises, don’t you think so? :D )
1. Firstly, we need to have a positive mind. If you’re being optimistic, you will be calm & able to think right. Paradoxically, I’m so sure you would feel stressed, but keep in mind that tension is good. It shows that you care to achieve good marks!
2. Plan out the way you study
  • Start with the subject, topic or subtopic which is your weak point. Ask your subject teacher some questions if you still don’t understand it. Remember, asking questions is one of the keys of knowledge. (Even though the exam is tomorrow, it’s never too late to ask!) For the topics you’re already good at, you have to revise the summary notes so that your memory stays activated.
  • Allocate an optimal time on a subject. Don’t make the study sessions too long, or you will get bored & lose focus. 45 minutes of revision on a subject then have 15 minutes break would do.
  • Focus more on understanding compared to merely memorizing. If you understand something thoroughly, inshaa Allah you could answer all the questions that come up. If you just memorize things without fathoming the concept, you would end up puzzled by yourself! But don’t forget, no excuse not to memorize formulas & helpful acronyms given by your teachers. 
3. Test yourself! Do lots of practices as practice makes perfect. You just can’t skip this part. Try answering sample questions in the same format as the exam and answer them in a test environment, no distraction. Never abandon past years questions too okay? I do lots of this & so far so good! By doing this practices, you can diagnose your weaknesses & strengths.  Then, you could catch up what you’ve missed & improve more.
4. Take a good care of yourself. You must remember to;
  • Keep fit. You know, it’s to make sure that your brain could function well & your blood flow is smooth. The good-looking is extra :)
  • Watch what you eat. Avoid eating unhealthy foods. Eat more of what our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. recommended like raisins, dates & honey. Never skip meals & don’t eat too much, bcs in both ways you’ll be drowsy.
  • Have enough sleep. Besides it’s for your skin beauty, your precious brain & nice eyes that Allah has created for you need enough rest. 5-6 hours would do, as I read in a recent article on sleeping habits. Quality is more important than quantity :)
  • Have a little entertainment. But please have the good ones, like reading books or Tumblr a bit. Escapism is crucial, right?
I think I should share this with you; avoid studying in groups if it’s a last-minute study. A research proves that the time you spend studying alone is way better as in solitude, you are utterly focused. And above all, always start early. Even if you think it’s too late, it’s not actually. 
Please please please do lots of supplications to Allah swt that Allah will make it easy for you, teach you what you know not etc, you know those supplication in studying knowledge. Make some effort to perform   hajatprayers, especially before a paper. Oh my, it really helps! Also at the end of fardhu prayers too! Btw ask your parents & people around you to pray for you too, it counts!
I really hope that these tips help! Let’s stay positive, enjoy the exams & expect for the best. It’s time to prove that you can do it. All the best for you, may Allah bless you too!
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