Sunday, November 20, 2011

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

hye peeps. .

*rase macam nak post entri hari ney dalam bahase omputih. can i? hehehe.actually, aku x power pon omputih neh. tapi, nak belajar kan.

i'm in the midst of my semester break. and guess what? i'm already in my beloved home sweet home. ;p lalalalalal~ i have a lots in my mind and i just can't blow it all in one entry. dush! ok, let me make it simple.

1] my beloved sis got 5A in her upsr. alhamdulillah~ thank God. seriously, i have high expectation when it comes to her. she really deserves that. and i am again admit that she is better than me if the topic is study. lalalalala~ not saying that i'm lazy.huahuahua.but, kind of la.a last minute person ;]

this is my only sister in this world

2] ok, now i'm waiting for farah to pick me and then we're going to hullalalala.hehe

3] i'm just finish wrapping hamper for gathering this weekend. not really good in it, but then someone asked me,and i got nothing to do, then, hantam sajalaaah.. ;p it's nice ok..heheh

and when the gediksss come,it turns like thiss ;]

that's all from me..bye bye
hurm?? agak...

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