Monday, July 9, 2012


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

they are the people around u
so many, too many and maybe infinity
u made friends in your school and college
facebook, blog and twitter
it doesn't matter how and where u made friends
how u treat 'em
LOVE U friends

i write based on what i feel. i do have lots and lots of friends. i believe u do so. and u do know that there are too many kinds of friends. aite aite aite?

#the one who will be with u through thick and thin. it's hard actually to be like this and why not we give it a try. what?? they are miles away. true! but, u do have all this kinds of technology right. FB, SMS and even better just call them right away. sometimes, even u just say "hi babe, u sihat ke? how's ur life? etc etc" it can make your friends happy and it shows that they are still in your heart even you are very very very far in distant. one more, true friends do not only share their smiles, but also tears. remember that, be with them no matter what happen. they are the only family u do have when u are far away from your dad, mom, sis, bro etc etc. :)

i'm not a type of goody goody person but i'm trying to be better. nak good good je youuu. :) so here we go, here we go.let us make the first step, why not we start first kaann. kalau nak kawan yang baik, kita pun kena la jadi baik dulu. menegur tidak semestinya dengan kata-kata. kekadang perbuatan kita pun boleh menjentik hati seseorang untuk berubah. tu lah namanya menegur dengan cara yang berhikmah. peace! 

that's all for today, tata titi tutu.
p/s; i just spilled out everything and no offence okayyy :) peace! no war

hurm?? agak...

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  1. singgah malam sini :)
    jom tgk jubah~~